Sweet potato pie

    For something deliciously different, try our sweet potato pie recipes. A crisp pastry case and lush sweet potato filling makes for a decadent dessert when served with ice cream.

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    This American Christmas and Thanksgiving tradition is festive and delicious. Using simple ingredients like real sweet potatoes and a touch of cinnamon and nutmeg, it is actually very easy to make.

    Recipe by: COUGAAR

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    A miniature version of the classic sweet potato pie, a Christmas tradition in America. Great for Christmas dinner parties or for something sweet on a canapé spread.

    Recipe by: NCANNIS

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    This is a deliciously fresh sweet potato pie that my family loves. The hardest part is peeling the sweet potatoes - after that, everything just gets blended. The rum and butter give it a richer flavour.

    Recipe by: IRENED

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    The secret to this sweet potato pie is using a bit of evaporated milk. Ground ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg give it a tonne of flavour.

    Recipe by: Clarissa

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    This sweet potato pie is the best of all worlds, with a gorgeous pecan topping that adds flavour and crunch.

    Recipe by: MarshaM

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    These miniature sweet potato pies are perfect for dinner parties or a buffet. I took a similar recipe from this site and changed it a bit to make it a bit easier and work with what I had to hand. Lovely!

    Recipe by: bakingmaster

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    Ginger and sweet potato are an unbeatable combination. In this pie, the ginger is not in the filling - ginger nuts are crushed to form a sweet and flavourful biscuit base.

    Recipe by: cookingismylife

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    This sweet potato pie gets added sweetness from a gooey marshmallow topping. Definitely one for those of us with a sweet tooth!

    Recipe by: JuliaLovesToBake

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    This sweet potato pie has a hint of ground and crystallised ginger in the filling, plus a light and airy meringue topping.

    Recipe by: RebeccaL

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