Find that perfect recipe for waffles, whether you're making waffles for dessert or a weekend breakfast treat. We have basic waffles, pumpkin waffles and loads more.

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    Belgian waffles are tender and flavourful waffles made with yeast. Serve with butter, cream, fresh fruit, jam, honey or syrup.

    Recipe by: Bobbi Jo

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    These waffles are utterly buttery and very delicious. Make these for dessert with cream, fruit, ice cream, chocolate sauce, or whatever suits your fancy. Made for breakfast, serve with maple syrup or honey.

    Recipe by: plum

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    Tasty, fluffy waffles ready in 10 minutes - and low fat too! Recipe is enough for 2 to 3 waffles, double up as needed.

    Recipe by: Jenowuk

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    This waffle recipe is truly special. Made with treacle, golden syrup, cinnamon and ginger, they are reminiscent of good gingerbread. Serving with the homemade chocolate sauce is optional; they are equally delicious with a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream.

    Recipe by: Michele O'Sullivan

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    These waffles are not only ultra-yummy, but they are also egg-free! This recipe brings together the warmth and flavours of gingerbread into a waffle. Serve as breakfast, brunch or a dessert.

    Recipe by: DIANA38

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    A foolproof waffle recipe that is soft and crispy at the same time. The possibilities are absolutely endless - serve with jam and butter for a simple treat at breakfast, or with whipped cream or ice cream and fruit for a lovely dessert.

    Recipe by: Beran

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    These waffles are light and delicious. The beer replaces yeast and the honey gives them a nice crunch. My family love them.

    Recipe by: Mitzie Henson

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    This is a rich, soft waffle with lots of taste. The batter is thick, will spread some on its own.


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    This is a fabulous waffle recipe with maple syrup right in the waffle. The ground almonds and cornflour ensure a lovely texture. I recently made these waffles for a friend's birthday and everyone wanted the recipe. So here it is.

    Recipe by: Caroline

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    It is difficult to say how much cinnamon I add to these waffles as I've never measured it - it's about half a teaspoon but if you're a real cinnamon fan, you can add more of course. These waffles are thinner and crispier than waffles made with baking powder, so they're more like cinnamon wafers.

    Recipe by: Julia

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