Sticky toffee pudding recipes

Find lots of incredibly sticky toffee pudding recipes with hot toffee sauce and give in to your cravings for this wonderfully comforting pudding.


A warm, moist and lovely sticky toffee pudding without dates, which is especially welcome on a cold winter's day!

Recipe by: Jaqueline


This is a delicious and super sweet sticky pudding. It's very important to finely chop the dates before soaking to obtain a smooth consistency. This recipe is for a 20 cm (8in) round tin.

Recipe by: CakeQueen


Forget the diet ladies. If you love puddings you'll never make anything else again!

Recipe by: DebCampion


My easy recipe for sticky toffee pudding is quick and so tasty! I just used the ingredients that I had in my fridge and cupboards, without going to the effort of going down the shops to get any special ingredients! :P Best served straight from the oven with vanilla ice cream on the side.

Recipe by: monkey88


My favourite comfort pudding! It's deliciously rich when served warm with caramel sauce and cream.

Recipe by: Maree


Everyone's favourite sticky toffee pudding with a Christmas twist. Always a crowd pleaser and a quick alternative to regular Christmas pudding.

Recipe by: Stork


Dates give this old favourite its delicious toffee texture while keeping the fat content down.

Recipe by: Brenda Houghton


The most decadent moist sticky toffee pudding. There is a gorgeous sticky toffee glaze poured over the cake after baking and then returned to the oven for a grill to set the glaze. Cream is then poured over the top of each slice before serving. I don't consider dessert to even count if it isn't chocolate... but this one? Who NEEDS chocolate after this is tried!!

Recipe by: megarooni

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Mmmmm . . . imagine warm sticky toffee puddings served with a dollop of Baileys Extra Thick Cream with a hint of Crème Caramel! The perfect midweek treat. Yummy.

Recipe by: BaileysExtraThickCream

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This rich, delicious, and luxurious dessert is a great comfort on a cold winter's night.

Recipe by: Lian W

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