Chickpeas (311)

    Armed with a tin of chickpeas, a gloriously delicious and healthy meal is mere minutes away. We've fab recipes for chickpea curries, salads and more.

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    47 reviews

    Chickpeas are garden peas are coated with a spicy dressing and served chilled.

    Recipe by: SHELAGH420

    384 reviews

    Delicious and nutritious, roasted chickpeas make for a healthy snack. Roasted in the oven, these are a nice crunchy, high fibre alternative to nuts.

    Recipe by: ABRAMOWICZ

    276 reviews

    I make this houmous all the time. It only takes a few minutes to prepare, and it's healthier than shop-bought without the oil. Increase or decrease the ingredients as desired, especially the chillies! Serve with tortilla crisps, pitta triangles or fresh vegetables. Add more of the reserved chickpea liquid for a smoother dip.

    Recipe by: ELOVINGS

    795 reviews

    A very good high protein alternative to flourless chocolate cake. Give it a try!

    Recipe by: CCUMMINS

    86 reviews

    Rethink falafel - while the traditional wrap is great, this is a tasty vegetarian alternative to beefburgers. Serve in a burger bap or pitta.

    Recipe by: Jojo Pinko

    Recipe videos: Chickpeas

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      Greek chickpea salad
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      Spicy red pepper and feta hummus
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      Dry roasted chickpeas
    • videoTitle
      Indian chole aloo tikki

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