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    Lemon curd is a traditional favourite that is just as good on its own as it is in a cake, trifle or pudding. Make your very own lemon curd with our delicious recipes, including easy microwave lemon curd and more.

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    A genius recipe for very lemony lemon curd that you can rustle up in a flash in your microwave! It will keep up to 3 weeks in the fridge.

    Recipe by: CATSEO

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    Wonderfully tart, classic lemon curd.

    Recipe by: Tawnie

    26 reviews

    This is a great, foolproof way of making a spread which usually curdles if you look at it. It is ready literally in minutes.

    Recipe by: SUEB34

    6 reviews

    Sweet and tangy lemon curd! Very easy and quick to make! Make this lemon curd when citrus is in season.

    Recipe by: Baje

    4 reviews

    After several experiments with a few recipes and then creating my own, I finally nailed it with this one. Smooth, thick and simple (just like me!). This is going to be added to a Victoria sponge in a few days and I think it will be awesome.

    Recipe by: ToonManic

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    Lemon curd is usually made with butter but here is a lighter and faster version of the traditional recipe! The lemon curd might be used in a lemon tart with or without meringue, or you can simply enjoy it with a spoon!

    Recipe by: Agat83

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    A lemon curd which takes 10 minutes to cook is lovely smothered on white toast or served with natural Greek yoghurt.

    Recipe by: joe97

    5 reviews

    This delicious lemon curd is easy to make and will be ready before you know it. Make it ahead of time and use in cakes, tarts or your favourite dessert.

    Recipe by: jean.isacke

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    This is a really simple recipe for lemon curd that can be scaled up easily. Lemon curd can be used in tarts, cakes and many other baking creations.

    Recipe by: KirstyJay

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    I made this lovely lemon cream, similar to lemon curd, and enjoy it with almost anything: with fresh fruit, shortbread biscuits, scones... there are so many possibilities! This recipe makes enough for two jars, but don't worry - it goes fast.

    Recipe by: mimichette

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