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    Find chocolate ganache recipes to take your chocolate cake to the next level. Ganache is also lovely on sponge cakes, cheesecakes or profiteroles.

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    This is a rich dark chocolate ganache that has loads of uses. It can be whipped to use as a filling or icing, or simply poured over any cake you like.

    Recipe by: ingrid e. vogel

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    A glossy chocolate glaze to drizzle over cake. It's also great on doughnuts.

    Recipe by: Ginger

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    I made this cake for a friend's birthday recently. The cake served 24 people easily and I received lots of compliments on it. The cake is a dark chocolate sponge layered with cream and jam, covered in shiny dark chocolate ganache and decorated with raspberries and chocolate fingers. The recipe for the sponge is borrowed and adapted from another source and the decorations are a mix and match of ideas I've picked up from several different places. So credit is due to several people for this recipe.

    Recipe by: ssaarraahh

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    A decadently rich and creamy dark chocolate icing.

    Recipe by: Sandra Bennett

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    This is the best chocolate icing / ganache ever, literally! I actually don't think I've ever tried one as nice as this! When I invented this recipe I bettered myself.

    Recipe by: lucy-IOI

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    This is a moist and tender cake. The chocolate cake is covered with chocolate ganache, chocolate curls and fresh strawberries. It's the perfect birthday cake for any chocoholic.

    Recipe by: geordieshell

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    This is a professional, foolproof ganache recipe that requires just three ingredients. It keeps in the fridge for up to two weeks, or about 3 days at room temperature.

    Recipe by: PASTRYCHICK101

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    Use good quality chocolate in this simple icing recipe for unbeatable results.

    Recipe by: Adrienne

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    Whipping cream and plain chocolate are all you need for this basic yet still supreme chocolate ganache! Make it thick enough to use as a chocolate filling or icing, or thin enough to drizzle over a cake as a glaze. Use good quality chocolate, and get ganaching!

    Recipe by: CCACHEF

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    A deliciously smooth chocolate ganache recipe using only three ingredients. Plain chocolate chips are melted over a double boiler, then beaten with soured cream and vanilla extract.

    Recipe by: KatieMac

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