Red cabbage recipes  (27)

Braised red cabbage - there mightn't be a more colourful side dish. Red cabbage makes the perfect accompaniment to almost any roast meat, and always a winner next to sausages.

Top red cabbage recipes


A sweet and sour side dish that's really nice with roast meats or sausage. Tastes better after day two, and freezes well.

Recipe by: Arita Droog


Economical and tasty. Warming hotpot made with lean beef mince, red cabbage, potato slices and beef stock. Cook gently and serve with crusty bread to mop up the flavoursome juices.

Recipe by: RoosterandHen


Looking for something new? Try this sweet and sour apple and cabbage side dish.

Recipe by: CHRISTYJ


Traditional german braised red cabbage recipe. Not just for christmas, but also ideal to accompany sausages or any roast. For a richer variation, use 50g butter and 30g goose fat.

Recipe by: Nikkikitten


This yummy, sweet and sour red cabbage is easy to make!

Recipe by: sarabug76

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