Chocolate chip cookies

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    These soft cookies are easy to make and incredibly moreish. They are flavoured with banana, peanut butter and chocolate chips. For the best flavour, use the ripest bananas you have lying around.

    Recipe by: GODGIFU

    43 reviews

    This is a very simple recipe, that makes chewy, soft cookies every time! I use a mixture of milk and dark chocolate chips, but you can use whatever you want to. Makes about 20 cookies.

    Recipe by: iamthecookiemonster

    49 reviews

    A recipe I picked up from a book at school in food technology, although I altered it a bit for my own taste.

    Recipe by: amebum

    3924 reviews

    These chewy American style cookies are a snack time treat!

    Recipe by: PANTHERA

    20 reviews

    Soft and chewy cookies with crunchy Smarties and egg free too. You can use chocolate chips is your prefer :)

    Recipe by: twinkle_toesxxx

    24 reviews

    You might need to make a double batch of these. They are so good that they will go in no time at all!

    Recipe by: Maggie Pannell

    585 reviews

    After years of tweaking my chocolate chip cookie recipe, it is now ready for public consumption. It has been laboratory-tested on many of my friends all of whom seem to think its pretty great, as do I. They certainly aren't healthy, but its well worth the requisite post-cookie eating cardio workout. I hope it works for you as well as it has for me! Enjoy!

    Recipe by: Felix K.

    13 reviews

    My own recipe for extra chocolaty chewy cookies, crispy on the outside and gooey in the centre. Makes 15 to 18 cookies and is ready in 25 minutes or less.

    Recipe by: Louisekane20

    16 reviews

    This simple double chocolate chip recipe is the same recipe that my mother taught me. It makes large chewy cookies and uses basic ingredients that everyone has at home.

    Recipe by: vers4ce

    136 reviews

    These are absolutely the most amazing chocolate chip cookies ever! They are crisp on the outside yet soft and chewy in the middle and delicious chocolate chips are spread throughout them making them even more of a scrumptious treat.

    Recipe by: Brittney

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