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    Make your own French stick with our foolproof baguette recipes for a crusty, irresistible bread. Also be sure to check out our recipes for other French breads, ciabatta, Italian breads, focaccia and more.

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    This is a heavenly alternative to any shop-bought French stick. Perfect eaten fresh from oven or used to make sandwiches or garlic bread.

    Recipe by: Judy Taubert

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    A homemade French bread that will make 2 loaves. Any leftovers make great garlic bread. Mixing it will give your arm a workout, so use a sturdy spoon!

    Recipe by: Liz Langston

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    This bread has a crisp, crunchy crust and slightly chewy centre.

    Recipe by: Jenn Hall

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    Gloriously crusty baguettes without gluten are possible with this foolproof recipe! No hard to find ingredients or difficult techniques. Just a simple recipe for gluten free baguettes!

    Recipe by: liza

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    I'm going to show you how to make delicious baguettes - the world's most beloved and well-known bread. This recipe makes 4 baguettes which have a perfect, mild oniony taste. They are great for picnics, sandwiches or for serving with soup. If you like this recipe - you can find more just like it in my new book 'One More Slice'. See footnote for more details.

    Recipe by: Leila Lindholm

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    Traditional crusty French baguette is at your fingertips with this easy to follow recipe. This recipe uses a baking stone, but this is optional. Whether you want to create delicious sandwiches or simply mop up the lunchtime soup, this is the recipe for you.

    Recipe by: vickie

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    Learn how to make baguettes from scratch without a bread machine. This foolproof recipe guides you step-by-step. If you follow it to the letter, you'll be rewarded with light and crusty baguettes that rival any French boulangerie.

    Recipe by: Chef John

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    An easy recipe for making French baguette which is delicious and soft on the inside whilst crusty and hard on the outside. Served as a soup dunker or as a submarine sandwich it is the perfect addition to your baking repertoire. The baguette can be frozen if it lasts that long.

    Recipe by:

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    This baguette requires a starter that you can divide and use for any future baguette baking. Note that the dough has to sit overnight in the refrigerator twice so allow enough time in your planning.

    Recipe by: BernieMunich

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    Baking your own baguette is less involved than you might think. Kneading the dough only takes a few minutes, most of the time is hands off.

    Recipe by: Bibus

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