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Find authentic vindaloo curry recipes for chicken, pork or tofu and see if you're brave enough to handle the heat!

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I experimented with many Vindaloo recipes, and after changing a few ingredients/quantities around I ended up with this delicious recipe that my friends and family adore. It can be easily tweaked to your own tastes too.

Recipe by: p0lym0rph

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A chicken vindaloo from Goa. It's made with chicken legs which absorb the flavours better but you could use chicken breasts. Cubes of potatoes are deep fried and added to the curry near the end. Serve with hot rice.

Recipe by: Jonagold

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This delicious vindaloo is just as spicy and good as a takeaway! Try making it yourself... it's easy and fills the house with a brilliant aroma.

Recipe by: Christine

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A spicy authentic East Indian speciality! Try making your own curry for a change - you won't regret it. The vindaloo paste can also be made ahead of time, covered and put in the fridge, to save cooking time.

Recipe by: EmpressChristine

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A spicy Goan vindaloo curry made using pork fillet, loads of garlic, dried chilli peppers, ginger, cloves, turmeric and a whole array of other spices. You can find Kashmiri chillies online or in Asian supermarkets - they add lots of colour without too much heat.

Recipe by: Alina

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This spicy curry is a twist on a classic using a healthy and tasty meat that feels as if it was made for vindaloo! Dish up with rice and a naan.

Recipe by: How-To-Hunt-Rabbit

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An easy and flavourful vegetarian tofu vindaloo similar to what they make in our local Indian restaurant. Serve with some fluffy basmati rice and soft naan on the side.

Recipe by: sidnam

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It's well worth the time and effort of marinating the meat overnight. Once you tweak it to your spice levels - this spicy hot curry that will rival any Indian restaurant!

Recipe by: Military Cook

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Vindaloo is a famous, spicy curry from Goa in India, and I learnt to make this from my mum. Traditional spices make this authentic Indian curry unbeatable.

Recipe by: Goa18

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Vindaloo is a dish that comes from Goa, on the West coast of India. My friend Allan is a Goan and he told me the origin of the word 'Vindaloo' comes from a mix of the Portuguese words for wine (vinho) and garlic (alho) - hence vindaloo. So there's no 'aloo' or potato in this recipe anywhere. But plenty of vinegar and garlic. Use a fatty part of the pork for the best results. Port fat rules in this recipe!

Recipe by: Madhumita

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