Easier to cook than you might think, octopus is a tasty sustainable seafood option. Many octopus recipes call for simple flavours and preparation, which is all the better to enjoy octopus to the fullest.

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Octopus is an incomparable treat. I love it on the barbecue, in a salad or in tomato sauce. For many, cooking octopus may seem daunting - but I assure you, it couldn't be easier. Serve this dish with chips or with rice.

Recipe by: Diana

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Enjoy this traditional recipe from Malta which makes a very flavourful sauce for octopus with potatoes, tomatoes, red wine and a hint of citrus that can be served over spaghetti, or just on its own.

Recipe by: 112

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A fantastic way to prepare octopus. It's simmered in a well-seasoned tomato and red wine sauce. Serve over fresh pasta and crusty fresh bread, if desired.

Recipe by: lolli_d

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This is a simple but gorgeous Spanish dish. The dish is traditionally served on a wooden platter, but you can use any serving dish you like!

Recipe by: Luis Luna

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For a quick seafood soup, this recipe with six kinds of seafood, leeks, onion, tomatoes and wine is perfect. This soup makes a light but satisfying main course. Serve over rice or with crusty bread.

Recipe by: Camilla

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Ceviche is an impressive and easy starter, perfect for seafood lovers. Use your favourite combination of seafood here - octopus, squid, prawns and scallops all work well. Serve with tortilla chips on the side for easy eating.

Recipe by: Kasey

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This light and refreshing salad tastes of the sea. Octopus and prawns are tossed with lots of veg and a light vinaigrette.

Recipe by: Luis Luna

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This French recipe for octopus salad is fresh, tasty and perfect for summer. Season with garlic and lemon to your liking. Be sure to get fresh octopus from a proper fishmonger and have him take out the beak and ink (unless you want to use the ink for cooking)!

Recipe by: Florence

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