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    Roast beef to perfection with our foolproof recipes that take the guesswork out of cooking beef, whether you want it perfectly pink or a little more well done. We have Sunday roast beef recipes, roast rib of beef, roast beef cooking times and more.

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    Ideal way to cook a piece of meat, large or small, any time with no preparation. If you wish to brown the meat first you can do so.

    Recipe by: middleton

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    I call this my 'famous Seamus' pot roast because my tiny Siamese cat, Seamus, sat in the kitchen the entire time this pot roast was cooking. I've been making this recipe for 40+ years and I just throw the ingredients together; it's very forgiving. My son-in-law also says it's the best thing he ever ate. When boys hang around the oven, it can't be bad.

    Recipe by: KarenCooks

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    I first tried this method of cooking beef, as I wished to find an alternative to the traditional Sunday roast. I have since cooked this for many friends, who have told me, that it tastes fantastic. This method can be used by amateurs who wish to become instant experts! It's that easy! Please note this cooking method applies to gas ovens only. Users of electric ovens will have to use their own settings.

    Recipe by: SteveHicks

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    Excellent roast beef with plenty of juices which can be thickened for gravy.

    Recipe by: GLASSWOMN9

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    This was my mother's signature recipe. Simple, but classic - you can't go wrong. Slice very thinly. Leftovers are delicious cold for sandwiches with wholegrain mustard.

    Recipe by: Kate

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    A hearty dish for all the family, and a great way to try haggis and add a twist to a traditional dish.

    Recipe by: McIntoshofDyce

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    A crunchy deep crust of herb-flavoured breadcrumbs ensures a succulent roast beef. It's roasted with a selection of root vegetables and served with a rich gravy, made using the pan juices.

    Recipe by: Maggie Pannell

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    When preparing such a special cut, you needn't fuss with too many spices or ingredients. This is a foolproof method for roasting rib of beef which will yield succulent results time and time again.

    Recipe by: SALSIEPIE

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    A mouth watering easy peasy way to do your beef without it shrinking. This is a way to cook it low and slow on the hob.

    Recipe by: mummygatiss

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    Slowly roasted in their skins, shallots and garlic have a mellow sweetness that marries beautifully with juicy chargrilled fillet steak. Try serving with new potatoes roasted in their skins and sprinkled with chopped fresh thyme, and a green vegetable or salad.

    Recipe by: Brenda Houghton

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