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    Find foolproof croissant recipes to make your very own buttery, flaky croissants for a special weekend morning treat. We also have pain au chocolat recipes, as well as unique recipes like potato croissants.

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    Make your very own authentic French croissants with this foolproof recipe. It takes patience and a little effort, but the smell alone is well worth it!

    Recipe by: Kate

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    This recipe uses ready-to-bake croissant dough - the type you just tap the pack and unwrap. Perfect for lazy weekend mornings.

    Recipe by: LorraineMargaret

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    Otherwise known as chocolate croissants - the entire family will love these! Using the bread machine saves some time.

    Recipe by: KJKENDA

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    Set aside some baking therapy time and have fun making a dozen or so delicious buttery croissants! You can use the same pastry recipe for making danish pastries.

    Recipe by: MARCIAMOLINA

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    Not your typical croissant, but oh so delicious! I have just taken these tasty potato croissants out of my oven..... mmmmmm, they are soooo delicious and soft. They have a very mild flavour and taste good with sweet or savoury spreads. My husband has completely fallen in love with them. Let's see how many are left tomorrow morning.

    Recipe by: anna

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    There's nothing quite like homemade croissants. These croissants are buttery, crisp on the outside and flaky on the inside. Serve for breakfast, as a sandwich or simply a snack.

    Recipe by: moeagaru

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    Simply delicious croissants! These are perfect with a cup of coffee any afternoon you need a treat. I often make them for Easter.

    Recipe by: marsha

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    These chocolate croissants are really easy to make and ideal for a special breakfast. Experiment with your favourite kinds of chocolate.

    Recipe by: Nata

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    It's very easy to make your own pain au chocolat with just two ingredients: puff pastry and chocolate hazelnut spread. Lovely for a special breakfast!

    Recipe by: geneviever

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    Here is a recipe that transforms plain old croissants from the supermarket into a delicious pastry with homemade frangipane filling.

    Recipe by: christin2007

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