Lemon muffins (22)

    Gorgeous, citrusy lemon muffin recipes for a delicious pud or weekend morning treat. We have lemon drizzle muffins, lemon glazed muffins and much more. Check out our lemon cake recipes for more ideas.

    Top lemon muffin recipes

    183 reviews

    Lemon zest adds loads of fresh citrus flavour to this basic muffin.

    Recipe by: Jenn Hall

    34 reviews

    These delicate lemon muffins are brilliant for a Sunday morning treat.

    Recipe by: Mary Kelly

    434 reviews

    These are so easy and always turn out well. I've used other fruit, as well - blueberries and raspberries are our favourites, but strawberries, peaches or cherries work well, too. You can use frozen or fresh.

    Recipe by: Kathy

    34 reviews

    Yoghurt makes these muffins moist and I love the lemon flavour.

    Recipe by: kristen

    127 reviews

    Refreshingly different fruit muffins but so easy to whip up in a flash.

    Recipe by: MARMARL

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