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Not a cottage pie, not a shepherd's pie it's just yummmmm! Extremely tasty, very lazy laid back cooking, just chuck it in and see. Easy adaptable recipe for one person to as many as you have, just adjust the ingredients to suit you and go for it. Serve with veg of your choice. Depending on how many you are cooking for either halve or add to my basic amount.

Recipe by: Pie

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An easy to make cottage pie thats great for getting your five a day, easy to cook and can be re-heated, made vegetarian or vegan, and can be frozen. You can easily make this a vegetarian cottage pie by omitting the mince, or substituting tinned lentils for the mince. You can make it vegan by using margarine and soya milk for the mash.

Recipe by: jamesdm

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These beefburgers are loaded with chillies. Be careful when handling the hot chillies - don't let the oils come in contact with your eyes.

Recipe by: Tom

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This is an amazing Mexican-inspired dish of chilli con carne with soured cream and soft flour tortillas baked in the oven. Leftovers are great the next day reheated in the microwave!

Recipe by: CLEM1

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Very tasty, slow cooked chilli con carne that's easy to make, and very satisfying! Adjust the spices to your liking.

Recipe by: Bombleswizzum

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A Scottish favourite, this is a hearty and comforting meal.

Recipe by: The Moistness

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REMEMBER! You can add but cannot take away....

Recipe by: Sqwelshyy

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You can call this cheats biryani. First you pan-fry the spiced minced meat, then spread rice over the top and allow it to cook until done. You could also make this with minced lamb or chicken. It's delicious served with raita.

Recipe by: SUSMITA

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This is a hearty and delicious Mexican-inspired dish. Beef mince is simmered with kidney beans and baked beans in a chilli-spiced tomato sauce. Serve with rice, jacket potatoes or with tortilla chips.

Recipe by: Haz

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This is an exceptional recipe for bolognese sauce. It combines beef and pork with a load of vegetables, resulting in a sauce that is robust and full of flavour. Serve over freshly cooked pasta and a sprinkling of Parmesan.

Recipe by: Kimber

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