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6 reviews

Love this recipe, good old family favourite. Perfect belly warmer - Serve with mash potato, carrot and Yorkshire puddings.

Recipe by: MammyJoy

6 reviews

Yummy minced beef crusty pie, add whatever veg you like. I added mushrooms, potatoes and onions. Came out fab!! And such a simple straight forward pastry to make. You may have to double or reduce the ingredients depending on the size of the dish you use.

Recipe by: ionaC

6 reviews

A dish I have been cooking for years that is easy to adapt to different tastes. Kids and adults alike all seem to love it.

Recipe by: cornishbird

6 reviews

This chilli con carne recipe is great served with rice or over jacket potatoes, accompanied by crusty bread, guacamole, soured cream, lime wedges and a big green salad. This recipe is best enjoyed a day or two after it is cooked as the flavours develop and the texture becomes richer. You can leave it in the fridge after cooling and then heat before serving. The recipe can also be frozen.

Recipe by: Patches

12 reviews

Mince like you have never tasted it before! Serve with pasta or mashed potato.

Recipe by: HJS100

7 reviews

REMEMBER! You can add but cannot take away....

Recipe by: Sqwelshyy

5 reviews

Student days.....not many recipes survived these but this one is still a favourite. So easy, cheap and speedy.Thanks to Heinz Oxtail soup, there is no need to chop onions or cook for hours, it's a 20 minute meal that will impress.

Recipe by: FiSummer

5 reviews

Moussaka is of the most celebrated Greek dishes. This recipe includes sliced aubergine, minced beef and a lovely white sauce.


8 reviews

These beefburgers are loaded with chillies. Be careful when handling the hot chillies - don't let the oils come in contact with your eyes.

Recipe by: Tom

5 reviews

This is one of my favourite recipes, easy to make and delicious, a simple meatball in a tomato and beef stock sauce.

Recipe by: CookWithAnna

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