Mushroom soup recipes (70)

Find mushroom soup recipes with cream for an elegant starter, or warming chicken or beef mushroom soup for a delicious and filling meal.

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26 reviews

My family loves soup and this is one of their favourites. It has lots of flavour and is fairly quick to make. It's primarily a mushroom soup but derives a lot of its flavour from other ingredients.

Recipe by: HAMM

14 reviews

You can vary this fresh mushroom soup as much as you like by using different types of mushrooms, or just adding milk instead of cream. Try a pinch of grated nutmeg if you prefer it to cinnamon.

Recipe by: Lori

10 reviews

This soup is delicious and packed full of mushroomy goodness. Sauteed mushrooms are simmered with chicken stock, sherry and double cream. Enjoy with thick wodges of crusty bread.

Recipe by: Sadie

10 reviews

This is a quick and easy mushroom soup recipe, wonderful fo the colder months because it really warms you up. It's very simple but delicious! You can use any type of mushrooms you can find, really.

Recipe by: chorazy

4 reviews

A beautifully simple recipe to make but gives real impact for up to 6 people or 4 who like to go back for more. My boys gave this the thumbs up and they are my harshest critics so I'm more than happy to pass this one on!

Recipe by: Jude4recipes

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