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    Find loads of healthy chicken recipes for a quick and easy midweek supper that isn't loaded with fat and calories. We have warm chicken salads, baked chicken, healthy roast chicken and lots more to choose from.

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    This is a strange one...but trust me! There are some wierd ingredients but it really works and you'll never think it's virtually no fat!

    Recipe by: shadowclad

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    This is my favourite Caribbean dish which is very well seasoned (a trademark of Caribbean food) and have always enjoyed it as a child. The sauce should not be as thick as a curry and not too watery if that makes any sense. There are many varieties of this dish and is always best served with rice and peas and West Indian pepper sauce.

    Recipe by: winstono2005

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    This is a favourite in our house; it's quick, easy and tastes great. Using Parmesan gives a little more texture to breaded chicken.

    Recipe by: Jenny

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    Chicken thighs are used in this recipe, but skinless breasts could be used instead. Be careful not to overcook, as the result could be rather dry chicken. Serve with warm flour tortillas, spicy salsa and soured cream.

    Recipe by: Teresa C. Rouzer

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    Keep chicken breasts in the freezer for a healthy, super-quick meal like this one any day of the week.

    Recipe by: Jan Cutler

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    The stewed tomatoes and chillies give this easy and tasty Creole chicken recipe it's kick, along with spices and veggies. Just put all ingredients into the slow cooker and let it simmer all day.

    Recipe by: MARY MOON

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    This is an easy but flavourful chicken recipe that I learned from my gran. Serve with a nutty wild rice blend.

    Recipe by: Annmarie Olscamp

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    Chicken stock has almost endless uses, from soup bases and gravies to a rich but low fat flavouring for veggies. The stock freezes will in ice cube trays or bags. After trying homemade stock you will never want the shop-bought kind again.

    Recipe by: Margaret Price

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    The Mediterranean flavours of lemon, rosemary and garlic combine well in this quick chicken dish.

    Recipe by: Karen Hefner

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    Barley is a much under-rated and seldom used grain, which is a great shame since it has a pleasing flavour and texture as well as being a good source of fibre. Here is it cooked with a medley of vegetables in a lemon and thyme stock. The addition of cooked chicken turns the dish into a great main course.

    Recipe by: Maggie Pannell

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