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Healthy lunch ideas (78)

Strapped for packed lunch ideas? Try these healthy lunch recipes that are not only delicious, but satisfying to keep you going till dinnertime. Find high fibre bean salads, veggie sandwich fillers and more.

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Top healthy lunch recipes

4 reviews

These spicy chickpea cakes are a popular street food all over the Middle East. Served in pitta pockets with a colourful crunchy salad, they are deliciously healthy as well as fun to eat.

Recipe by: Maggie Pannell

17 reviews

Rethink falafel - while the traditional wrap is great, this is a tasty vegetarian alternative to beefburgers. Serve in a burger bap or pitta.

Recipe by: Jojo Pinko

6 reviews

A few simple ingredients make really tasty meat-free burgers. If you want to barbecue them, the best method is to cook the burgers in advance and just heat them up over the coals, as this prevents them from sticking to the grilling rack. A crisp side salad is all that is needed with the burgers in their sesame-topped buns.

Recipe by: Norma MacMillan

6 reviews

This is a lemony potato salad with a lighter dressing than the norm. Perfect for picnics.

Recipe by: jen

7 reviews

This is a traditional Italian salad served on wild greens. Here I use wild rocket.

Recipe by: Barrett

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