Treacle tart

For a tried and true treacle tart recipe, look no further. We have loads of easy treacle tarts from home cooks like you.

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My delicious version of the classic dessert. Only 6 ingredients required.

Recipe by: solennewells

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A classic treacle tart recipe.

Recipe by: amlwalker

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An easy peasy treacle tart. Use a shop-bought pastry case to make this extra simple.

Recipe by: OCEANVIXEN79

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A buttery shortcrust pastry is used to lines tart tins, which are then filled with a mixture of butter, golden syrup, brown sugar, raisins, eggs and nutmeg. Delicious dessert idea or for an afternoon treat.

Recipe by: Carol

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This is a lovely dessert. A drop of double cream or a ball of ice cream goes extremely well with this.

Recipe by: LittleAngell46

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A classic, comforting pud. Using ready made frozen pastry makes this a cinch.

Recipe by: Minow

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