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    Why bake when you can BBQ? Make these unique summery desserts over the coals, with everything from brandy-marinated pineapple to BBQ banana splits.

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    This is a fun recipe for kids to eat at a barbecue, or for girl guides to do on a camping trip. Simpy let them add their favourite topping.

    Recipe by: TONIBLYTH

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    Quick and easy BBQ recipe that is fabulous for kids and adults alike!

    Recipe by: beckno7

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    I came up with this idea when I was looking for a sweet to serve at our BBQ party. Easy to make and can be made without alcohol for the kids. These can be prepared in advance to allow the alcohol to soak in. Very easy to make and delicious. The sugar coating on the donuts crystalises when cooked giving a crispy texture with a soft fluffy centre.

    Recipe by: gorriewoman

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    Perfect for camping holidays or for Guy Fawkes night, this simple recipe is fun to make. Serve with cream or ice cream if you like!

    Recipe by: Mike Prawdzik

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    Barbecued cinnamon coconut pineapple rings! You can't eat just one ring!

    Recipe by: PRAISEGOD

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    This is so easy and guests love it. The brandy adds a special flavour, though rum works well too. Quite nice with ice cream or sorbet.

    Recipe by: sweettooth

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    If you're having a bbq, this is a simple pud and works with most any fruit. I have used peaches, halved damsons, apples, pears - whatever you have on hand!

    Recipe by: Lucy

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    A wonderful dessert to serve at your next BBQ. Fresh pineapple slices are grilled on the barbecue, then topped with a honey-sweetened mascarpone cheese and toasted hazelnuts.

    Recipe by: Ashlie

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    A wonderful summer dessert, which is perfect when served with ice cream. Kebabs made with peaches, plums, bananas and strawberries are cooked on a barbecue with honey sauce.

    Recipe by: LauraKKH

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    These sweet little fruit brochettes are the perfect BBQ dessert. You can use your favourite fruits and also serve with ice cream.

    Recipe by: Aeroz

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