Pork mince recipes (156)

Find loads of ways with minced pork, from tasty pork and apple burgers to meatballs. Pork mince is versatile and can be combined with beef mince in many recipes, including meatballs, burgers and meatloaf.

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A traditional pork pie as I was taught to make it. For a more authentic pie, instead of using minced pork, use finely chopped pork chops and a few rashers of finely chopped bacon (use a food processor).

Recipe by: Genevive Stanford

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Tasty pork meatballs with breadcrumbs, onion and spices in a sweet and sour sauce. Great for a quick and easy supper! Serve with sticky or brown rice.

Recipe by: Linda

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Spice up minced pork with a bit of pork sausage, onion, sage and Worcestershire sauce for a tasty summer meal. Serve with a light green salad or with coleslaw and apple slices.

Recipe by: Jan Cutler

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This is an exceptional recipe for bolognese sauce. It combines beef and pork with a load of vegetables, resulting in a sauce that is robust and full of flavour. Serve over freshly cooked pasta and a sprinkling of Parmesan.

Recipe by: Kimber

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This recipe makes enough for a party or you can freeze them in batches. Filled with pork, pak choi, water chestnuts and other wonderful ingredients, these tasty wontons are well worth making. You can buy wonton wrappers in Asian shops.

Recipe by: Mr. Kirk

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Minced beef and pork pie
Minced beef and pork pie

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