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    Mouthwatering BBQ pork recipes for everything from juicy marinated pork fillet to sticky BBQ ribs. Be sure to check out our entire collection of BBQ recipes for loads of ideas to last you all summer long.

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    This is an excellent dish for a summer barbecue party. Make the ribs in advance, and when your guests have arrived, finish them off on the barbecue. You'll have them wondering how they got so tender and tasty so fast.

    Recipe by: Robbie Rice

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    So simple, yet so delicious. Easy, no-hassle recipe for a midweek barbecue.

    Recipe by: Linda Smith

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    You can buy the belly pork in a whole piece and cut it into slices or else ask your butcher to do it for you. Make sure the strips are not too thick - no more than 1cm. An interesting and tasty alternative to pork ribs.

    Recipe by: Shelleym59

    54 reviews

    Here's a quick and simple recipe for delicious pork loin medallions or chops. All you do is baste the meat with a sauce of butter, lemon juice and garlic. Very basic, yet you won't believe how moist and flavourful the chops will be.

    Recipe by: Kellie

    376 reviews

    Two day BBQ ribs, but worth the effort. Baked and marinated with a rub overnight, then barbecued with BBQ sauce.

    Recipe by: Gail

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    A fantastic recipe that uses an aromatic array of chillies, herbs and spices. This marinade is also delicious with pork fillet, ribs and chicken.

    Recipe by: Ryan Nomura

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    This is something different and decidedly tasty to make on the BBQ. These are homemade sausages traditional in Cyprus that are actually simply seasoned. They turn wonderfully crispy. Eat as is or in a pitta with chopped tomato, parsley, onion, cucumber, and tahini. Add plenty of fresh lemon any way you serve it.

    Recipe by: GRACE

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    Barbecue pork ribs should be incredibly juicy, full of heavenly barbecue flavours and should melt in your mouth - get ready to achieve perfection with this foolproof recipe. The trick is to slow bake the ribs for several hours before placing them on the barbecue. You can make your own barbecue sauce, but I don't bother - this recipe is all about being lazy and achieving a fantastic result!!

    Recipe by: geneviever

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    While slightly bored on a Sunday afternoon I came up with this recipe and it turned out to be excellent. Succulent, slightly spicy barbecued pork chops, fabulous for a sunny summers afternoon.

    Recipe by: petebloke

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    Pork chops are stuffed with smoked cheese and bacon, before being barbecued to perfection. Serve with a side salad, jacket potatoes, mashed potatoes or rice. A delicious change from the traditional barbecue food.

    Recipe by: DARLA C.

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