BBQ lamb recipes (50)

    Find loads of succulent and easy BBQ lamb recipes for everything from perfectly barbecued lamb chops and leg of lamb, to BBQ lamb kebabs and incomparably juicy lamb burgers.

    Top BBQ lamb recipes

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    Cooked on a barbecue, this lamb gives you one and a half to two hours to enjoy your favourite drink while basting.

    Recipe by: DWD1249

    9 reviews

    Marinated lamb chops with fresh summery flavours from the Mediterranean. Make extra marinade to use on roasted veggies.

    Recipe by: Diane

    17 reviews

    These kebabs are guaranteed to please. They are easy to make and packed full of flavour. Seasoned minced lamb is formed into sausages around skewers and grilled on the barbecue.

    Recipe by: Yakuta

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    Greek style lamb souvlaki skewers are barbecued, then served in warm pitta bread with homemade tzatziki. Perfect for a warm summer lunch or dinner.

    Recipe by: Sharon

    6 reviews

    This recipe blends the flavours of cumin and lamb into one delicious burger. They are really tasty and super-easy to make. You can also cook these burgers on the barbecue, when the sun is finally out.

    Recipe by: Alan Hollister

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