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    Looking for Filipino recipes from home cooks like you? Find recipes for pancit, lumpia, chicken arroz caldo, adobo recipes and many more authentic Filipino dishes. Be sure to check out our other Asian recipes for more ideas.

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    This is the Filipino version of spring rolls. You can find lumpia wrappers in Asian supermarkets wherever they keep their frozen food.

    Recipe by: LILQTPINAY23

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    This is a very tasty and easy-to-make Filipino chicken dish made with soy sauce, garlic and vinegar. I can just as easily double or triple the chicken in this recipe to serve guests at a party. Serve over rice with just a little of the sauce (not too much).


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    A tender braised chicken dish from the Philippines. The sauce is made from lots of garlic, fresh ginger, vinegar and soy sauce. Try different flavoured vinegars (apple or red wine) to find the flavour you like the best. You can add sliced fresh chillies if you like a bit of heat. You can marinate the chicken overnight before cooking it for a more intense flavour and colour.

    Recipe by: COOKIEMONSTER64

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    If you are looking for a change from the usual beef stir-fry recipe, but still want something just as easy, this recipe is your answer! Easy to find ingredients come together for a delicious meal served with rice.

    Recipe by: lola

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    A classic Filipino chicken recipe. Chicken is cooked with garlic, ginger, fish sauce, chayote squash, pak choi and spinach. Serve with freshly cooked rice or whatever you fancy.

    Recipe by: lola

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