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Find recipes for natural and flavourful homemade chicken stock for use in soups, stews, gravies and sauces.

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Chicken stock has almost endless uses, from soup bases and gravies to a rich but low fat flavouring for veggies. The stock freezes will in ice cube trays or bags. After trying homemade stock you will never want the shop-bought kind again.

Recipe by: Margaret Price

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A home-made stock is a far cry from over-seasoned cubes and pastes, and cheaper than the chilled stocks many supermarkets sell these days. This version, made with the leftovers from a roast chicken, can be used as a base for soups, casseroles, sauces and gravies.

Recipe by: Norma MacMillan

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A stock so rich and savoury, your soups and sauces will be amazing! This is also a thrifty cook's delight. I save up 'used' bones in the freezer for weeks or months until I have enough to make this stock.

Recipe by: KATHYTAP11

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This recipe for chicken stock sounds a little long-winded, but the results are worth it. Use this chicken stock as the base for Thai soups, such as Tom Yum and Tom Kha Gai.

Recipe by: JETTILA

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This is the recipe I use to make chicken stock for use in other recipes. I like to use breasts and wings, but any bone-in pieces will make a nice stock.

Recipe by: Micki Stout

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Healthy and very tasty Chinese takeaway at home. Chicken, mushrooms and spring onions in a homemade stock. Tastes like it's doing you the world of good.

Recipe by: Samantha's Supper

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Chicken stock can't get easier than this! Just take your roast chicken leftovers and throw everything in the slow cooker - hours later you'll be rewarded with a rich stock without any effort.

Recipe by: Magda

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A simple, yet delicious homemade chicken stock. Chicken is simmered with vegetables and dill. The chicken that is used in this recipe can be chopped or frozen for future use. Use this stock in any recipe that calls for chicken stock.

Recipe by: VIKINGBABE02

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A great stock to use for soups, sauces, gravy, etc.

Recipe by: Logan

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This recipe will show you how to make homemade chicken stock. It takes over 3-4 hours for all the flavours to develop. Use in any recipe that calls for chicken stock.

Recipe by: flyinmetal

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