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    These moreish little drop scones are a fantastic teatime treat. We have lots of recipes for Welsh cakes from home cooks like you. Be sure to check out our other Welsh recipes for more ideas.

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    From the heart of rural mid-Wales come these traditional Welsh cakes. Eaten and enjoyed regularly throughout Wales, these traditional cakes, or a version thereof, have been kicking around for as long as anyone can remember. There is nothing fancy about a Welsh cake, and yet they seem to encompass all that one could ever want in a satisfying mouthful; sweet yet slightly salty, moist yet crumbly, light yet filling. Forget smelling the roses, instead, eat a Welsh cake and watch some rugby! Bendigedig!!

    Recipe by: geneviever

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    Traditional Welsh pancakes. These make a lovely afternoon treat for children coming home from school! I think you get the best results if you use an electric griddle.

    Recipe by: DREAMER1215

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    We attended a fair in Wales and the ladies of the local church were selling these cakes. We asked for the recipe and they graciously shared it with us.

    Recipe by: Flo Buehler

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    Similiar to pancakes but thicker - these are simply delicious eaten warm, with butter and jam.

    Recipe by: P. Davies

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    Hi, this recipe was given to me by a neighbour. Cooked on a hot baking stone. If you don't have a baking stone use a heavy based frying pan instead.

    Recipe by: skattybaty

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    A new twist on an old Welsh cake recipe given to me by my nan. This is a great recipe to make all year round and also they are well received at Christmas as gifts. I always bake my Welsh cakes on a traditional bakestone (which can be bought cheaply online) but you can use a heavy frying pan or griddle.

    Recipe by: MissEvans

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    This recipe has been given to me by my mother-in-law, who comes from the Welsh Valleys, who says it is the same recipe as used by her Grandmother. Just amended the ingredients to show metric.

    Recipe by: Tessaann

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    I had mincemeat left after making thousands of mince pies and thought I'd adapt a Welsh Cake recipe I've had for yonks. Really quick to make and the dough is freezeable, as are the cooked cakes. Nice change from mince pies - and more kid friendly as they're more 'cakey'!

    Recipe by: Catmad

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    Solid, thick pancakes from the heart of Wales. Good for breakfast before a day walking, or working, in the Welsh mountains. Or you can use them to make sandwiches for your packed lunch. Makes a change from ordinary bread - though I don't recommend toasting them. These are not lightweight like crepes, or American pancakes, allow enough time to prepare them.

    Recipe by: Saligi

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