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Savoury biscuit recipes (21)

Savoury biscuits are a delicious alternative to sweet, and can be served with afternoon tea or in a canape spread. Try serving savoury biscuits with soup for an elegant starter. We have loads of savoury biscuit recipes here.

Savoury biscuit recipe collections

Top savoury biscuit recipes

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Parmesan cheese adds great flavour to this basic cracker recipe. These keep well in a tin.

Recipe by: Capucine

9 reviews

These savoury biscuits are so easy to prepare and call for just three ingredients. You can prepare the dough and then refrigerate until ready to bake. Serve with wine as a nibble, or as part of a canape spread.

Recipe by: AnneFrancoise

3 reviews

This is a simple, easy, basic biscuit recipe to which you can add a variety of ingredients to change the type of biscuit. Anything from sweet to savoury.

Recipe by: DaYuehan

6 reviews

These crackers are not only wholesome and nutritious, they are also high in fibre and taste fantastic. Feel free to experiment with different seasonings. They are perfect when served with a selection of cheeses.

Recipe by: Luxie

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A savoury shortbread, great as a starter or to serve with a selection of cheeses and relishes. I use Asiago cheese as it doesn't contain rennet and is suitable for ovo-lacto vegetarians, but you can use Parmesan if you prefer.

Recipe by: KATYF

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