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    Whether you are in the mood for a slow cooker lentil stew, Moroccan vegetable tagine or a butternut squash and chickpea stew, we've plenty of hearty and warming vegetarian stew recipes for you to try.

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    Alter the chilli powder amount according to your preference. Peeling the squash is quite difficult, but I have found that a carrot peeler is the most useful tool for this job.


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    Lentils, chickpeas and veggies in a highly aromatic stew. This is a delicious and hearty recipe that is worth the effort. I make this ahead of time for the week to come and it is always a hit. Optional garnishes are yoghurt, fresh mint and cayenne pepper.


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    Easy, rich and hearty vegetarian chilli which is a firm favourite with the whole family. We like it best with rice and grated cheese, but it's also good in tortilla wraps or with a jacket potato. Makes a large batch so it's good for a crowd, or freeze half for later.

    Recipe by: captainlizzo

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    A slow-cooker recipe for a hearty pumpkin (or butternut squash) and carrot stew with a cheesy cobbler on top. Delicious enough to tempt vegetarians and meat eaters alike. This is one of my favourite recipes and so simple - perfect comfort food :o)

    Recipe by: Hobbit

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    This is simple comfort food, vegan style.

    Recipe by: KRISTAB

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    This vegetarian Moroccan stew is not only delicious, but it's also easy to make. Butternut squash, red potatoes, chickpeas, tomatoes and green olives are simmered together, then served over freshly cooked couscous.

    Recipe by: Front242

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    This is a nice winter stew or soup that everyone loves in my family. It is so comforting on a cold winter night, or it can be a Christmas main for vegetarians. It tastes wonderful the next day! Experiment with the vegetable combinations!

    Recipe by: experimentalbakerandcook

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    A very hearty but yet healthy vegetable dish. Bulgar balls soak up the sauce and give this dish a lovely bite. Even the carnivores in my family love this dish :) The bulgar has to be fine for this recipe.

    Recipe by: ladymidnight

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    This is a cheap and easy vegan meal made in the slow cooker. Hearty beans and barley make a warming meal. Instead of red kidney beans, you can also use other tinned beans.

    Recipe by: Lucidorchid

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    A comforting and nutritious vegetarian main course served topped with succulent, lightly caramelised onions.

    Recipe by: Maggie Pannell

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