Irish cocktails

Find traditional and unique Irish cocktail recipes for a guaranteed crowd-pleasing tipple. We have Irish cocktails made with Guinness, Irish cream, whisky and more.

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A lovely treat at the end of a nice meal or after Christmas dinner! Freshly brewed coffee gets a little added zip from Irish whisky and Baileys.

Recipe by: Jason

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A nice smooth Irish lady's drink with Irish cream, whisky, milk and a hint of cinnamon.

Recipe by: Willymich Tronichols.

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Just one of these will warm you up - a great drink at night if you have a sore throat.

Recipe by: Trinka G

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It's my favourite drink!

Recipe by: Tristan's mom

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A delicious shot that looks like a baby pint of Guinness.


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Irish whiskey mixed with cream and sugar with hints of coffee, chocolate, vanilla and almond. Will keep for 2 months in the fridge. Tastes better than the bought stuff and makes a lovely Christmas gift.

Recipe by: Mom

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This is better than the shop bought Irish cream liqueurs and is very popular with family and friends. Will store for several weeks in fridge, just serve over ice.

Recipe by: cheap chef

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