Italian biscuits

    Find loads of recipes for moreish Italian biscuits, including biscotti, red wine biscuits, pizzelles, cuccidati and more. Italian biscuits are perfect with a cup of tea, cake sales, or to make for food gifts round Christmas.

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    Light and crunchy biscotti with the flavours of almond and lemon. These keep for weeks, so they make great food gifts.

    Recipe by: Rosina

    4 reviews

    These are the classic twice-baked Italian biscuits. They are hard and dry, which makes them perfect for dunking in coffee. They can also be served with tea or dessert wine.

    Recipe by: elisabeth

    67 reviews

    This recipe takes some time and quite a few baking trays, but it's well worth it. It makes plenty so you can give away as gifts with good coffee beans.

    Recipe by: Leigh Anne

    37 reviews

    These crunchy biscuits are perfect with tea or coffee for a low fat afternoon treat.

    Recipe by: Debbi

    65 reviews

    A great take on the classic Italian, twice-baked dunking biscuit. These are flavoured with coconut and walnuts. Enjoy as a snack or more traditionally, serve with an espresso or sweet dessert wine.

    Recipe by: CARL THE COOK

    2 reviews

    A wonderful chocolate and walnut biscotti. Perfect served with a cup of hot chocolate, tea or coffee. Highly addictive!!! This Italian biscuit is twice baked to give it a hard texture, you just have to dunk it again and again...

    Recipe by: TheBritishBaker

    837 reviews

    This is a simple, back-to-basics biscotti recipe. Perfect for dunking in coffee or tea.

    Recipe by: JANDEE

    85 reviews

    Ice with coloured icing and sugar if you like.

    Recipe by: Kelly

    245 reviews

    These biscotti are the perfect end to dinner. They are lightly sweet, crunchy and totally moreish. You can also serve them with coffee, tea, wine, ice cream, yoghurt or on their own.

    Recipe by: THEA

    19 reviews

    These traditional Italian cookies are delicious! They are light, buttery, with hints of lemon and vanilla. Perfect for snacking on or served with a cup of tea or coffee.

    Recipe by: Laria Tabul

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