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    Whether it's fresh tuna or tinned, added to salads, pasta, in a quiche, or cooked on the bbq - find loads of easy and delicious recipes for tuna here.

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    Easy, delectable tuna coated with sesame seeds and quickly seared. This Japanese-inspired dish is served rare, so be sure your tuna is fresh and of good quality.


    1 review

    Originally, the Nicoise salad was prepared in the South of France for fishermen returning from sea - both tasty and healthy, but also nourishing, cheap and quick to make.

    Recipe by: chenille

    13 reviews

    This updated version of the classic tuna casserole is made special with mushrooms, garlic and herb soft cheese, broccoli and petits pois. Great way to make the kids eat their veggies!

    Recipe by: Jan Cutler

    9 reviews

    This is an Italian recipe, very nice for the summer months! It has cucumber in it, which I don't like, but my husband does, so I just add cucumber to his individual portion!

    Recipe by: Keri

    173 reviews

    Seared fish steaks are a Cajun tradition. This is such a simple yet delicious way to prepare tuna, and it's ready in minutes.

    Recipe by: Denys

    Recipe videos: Tuna

    • videoTitle
      Empanada de atún (Tuna empanada)
    • videoTitle
      Spicy tuna rolls
    • videoTitle
      Traditional salad nicoise

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