Chocolate ice cream recipes (27)

Homemade ice cream is fun to make, and it doesn't get better than chocolate ice cream. Find recipes for luxurious chocolate ice cream, mint chocolate chip, soya chocolate ice cream, easy chocolate sorbet and much more.

Top chocolate ice cream recipes

9 reviews

If you like dark chocolate and ice cream you'll love this recipe, which is reminiscent of frozen chocolate mousse.

Recipe by: Jackie

8 reviews

This is a very rich ice cream with NO raw eggs!

Recipe by: WENDYWR

9 reviews

Who doesn't love ice cream on a hot summer day? This creamy recipe is made even better with nuts and marshmallows.

Recipe by: Sara Klassen

1 review

This is a heavenly chocolate ice cream recipe that is given a distinctive and rich flavour thanks to the addition of creme fraiche. Use the best chocolate you can afford for best results.

Recipe by: ROQUEMOMA

15 reviews

This is a GREAT mint chocolate chip ice cream that I discovered by accident. The semi skimmed milk makes the ice cream taste 'lighter' I think.


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