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    It might sound fancy, but this classic French dish is home cooking at its finest. We have several delicious coq au vin recipes from home cooks like you. Great for a dinner party, or any night of the week!

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    This simple chicken and red wine dish, inspired by the French classic, is a real crowd pleaser. Feel free to add your own combination of vegetables, spices or herbs to your taste. Serve with mashed potatoes or rice.

    Recipe by: Richard

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    It is all in the flours important to get it right. Make a bouquet garni by cutting celery sticks into 10 - 12cm lengths and tie two together with parsley,thyme and bay leaves with twine.

    Recipe by: blairbunch

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    This quick coq au vin, made with boneless chicken, is ready in about 1 hour 15 minutes, a shorter version of the traditional French dish. Use 2 whole boneless chicken legs and 2 whole skinless, boneless chicken breasts in place of the whole chicken, if desired.

    Recipe by: Jacques Pepin

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    This lighter version of the great French classic, chicken in red wine sauce, is lower in fat and includes more vegetables. It just needs some crusty, rustic-style bread and perhaps a light green salad. The dish is better if made a full day ahead so the flavours can mature.

    Recipe by: Maggie Pannell

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    This coq au vin recipe is a little different from the traditional recipe, as it contains creme fraiche and white wine, but the result is wonderful. The sauce is creamy and smooth, and the chicken is tender. Serve it with chips, it is delicious!

    Recipe by: Nicole

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    This Coq au vin is very traditional, just with a little twist - a healthy dose of port in addition to a bottle of red wine. You'll love the depth of flavour derived from the port. I like to serve this Coq au vin with white rice.

    Recipe by: Francine

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    Coq au Vin - one of France's best known traditional dishes, and for good reason. This is easy to make and a divine winter warmer. Serve with boiled potatoes or mash, or even hand cut chips.

    Recipe by: Valerie

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    A simple, yet delicious version of coq au vin. Chicken is simmered with bacon, onion and pepper in a herbed white wine. Enjoy with potatoes, rice or pasta.

    Recipe by: kellllie

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