Ricotta cheesecake (22)

    Try our ricotta cheesecake recipes for a lighter version of your favourite rich and decadent cheesecake. We have Italian ricotta cheesecakes, chocolate ricotta cheesecakes and more.

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    This is my grandmother's cheesecake recipe that she passed down to my entire family. Ricotta makes for a lovely flavour and texture in this cheesecake, which is lightly scented with lemon and vanilla.

    Recipe by: April

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    This yummy no-bake cheesecake only needs four ingredients but is sure to please your family and friends. Make six individual mini cheesecakes, or make one larger one.

    Recipe by: Heather202

    2 reviews

    This baked cheese cake is straightforward to make. With a touch of orange and cinnamon, the ricotta also gives a lovely flavour and texture compared to typical cheesecakes made with cream cheese.

    Recipe by: foodtechnologyteacher

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    This ricotta cheesecake is similar in style to other cheesecakes, but it is much lighter. Hope you enjoy!

    Recipe by: Nicole

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    I was looking for a recipe that reminded me of light cheesecakes I ate in Italy where I just spent my summer hols. This is an easy and fabulous cheesecake, with the caramelised biscuits making a lovely base. You can find Lotus Caramelised Biscuits at any large supermarket. Amaretti biscuits could also work well.

    Recipe by: helenearm

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