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    Find loads of easy whoopie pie recipes for a classic American treat. A nice alternative to fairy cakes, whoopie pies are perfect for parties and cake sales!

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    Fall in love with this easy recipe for whoopie pies. Two light discs of chocolate sponge sandwich a fluffy vanilla buttercream filling. Perfect for cake sales, packed lunch treats or making friends at the office!

    Recipe by: BZYMOM

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    Ever heard of a whoopie pie? They're a bit like a macaroon but with a more cake-like texture. Hugely popular Stateside, the name comes from when Amish women would put them in farmers' lunchboxes and they'd supposedly shout 'whoopie' if they found one in their box!

    Recipe by: lindsayann

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    Whoopie pies are an American treat first made by the Amish in Pennsylvania. This is a classic whoopie pie recipe, but with a marshmallow creme filling. Those who like rocky road will love these. Marshmallow creme is a spreadable marshmallow confection, which can be purchased online or in specialty shops.

    Recipe by: Deborah

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    This twist on a whoopie pie uses soft cake-like oatmeal cookies and a light and creamy vanilla filling. Enjoy!

    Recipe by: Vonieta Stogner

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    Since these are the latest craze, I decided to make my own red version for my sweetheart on Valentine's Day!

    Recipe by: Aeroz

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    These whoopie pies are perfect for Halloween - kids and adults alike will adore them. A light pumpkin sponge sandwich is filled with a vanilla buttercream filling. These taste fab and make your house smell gorgeous!

    Recipe by: Vonieta Stogner

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    I've abandoned cupcakes to become a dedicated whoopie pie convert! I first had these in London at an American bakery in Notting Hill. I devised my own recipe and after a few tries I think these are the loveliest whoopie pies yet. A lovely pumpkin flavoured sponge with cream cheese frosting in the middle. Perfect for Halloween or round autumn when pumpkins are about.

    Recipe by: margaret_fullington

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    This recipe came about because my older sister requested 'anything red velvet' when I was baking for the family but I didn't have enough time to make a full cake. What that brief turned into was a delightful bite sized treat perfect to add a dash of colour to an afternoon tea tray.

    Recipe by: evangarrett92

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    These marbled whoopie pies are filled with a mixture of creamy peanut butter and quark, which makes them a little less rich than the usual cream cheese filling.

    Recipe by: Maybe

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    These whoopie pies are not typical, but still, they respect the tradition. Originating in Amish country, whoopie pies were made with excess cake mixture. Here, I've made them with cake mixture from pound cake. I filled them with a cream cheese filling, but you can use a buttercream, mousse, nut butter, jam or anything you like.

    Recipe by: Bibus

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