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Apple tart (33)

We have stacks of flaky and delicious apple tart recipes including French tarte tatin, apple crumble tarts, custard apple tarts and many more! Check out our apple pies and cakes, too!

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This delectable tart is turned upside-down to serve. The pastry used is shortcrust but it's made with a mixture of cream cheese and butter which makes it a little lighter in texture. The tart has a deliciously sweet, juicy filling of soft apples and sultanas with a touch of mixed spice.

Recipe by: Norma MacMillan

5 reviews

A fabulous tarte tatin with gorgeously tender and buttery pastry laid over a bed of caramelised apples, then flipped over after baking. You can use brown sugar, golden caster sugar or regular granulated sugar for this recipe.

Recipe by: mamicole

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My mother used to make this all the time, usually to go with Sunday dinner. I was hooked. Haven't had it in ages and I was wanting to bake something special for a special someone so I asked mum for the recipe. Tried it out today, and it's just as I remember. The thing that makes it for me is the frangipane. Hope you like it as much as me.


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As a little boy I grew up helping my mother make apple and other fruit pies. Sadly my mum is no longer with us, but her legendary apple tart lives on. I promise you will really enjoy this!

Recipe by: Brian F Green

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An utterly delicious apple pie that looks beautiful when you decorate the top with a pastry lattice.

Recipe by: nanda

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