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    Dress your favourite salad with these easy peasy salad dressing recipes. Make your own to get creative, save a few quid and maybe even a few calories, too! We have tasty vinaigrette dressings as well as creamy salad dressings.

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    Delicious salad dressing best used on rocket and cheese salads! It was a recipe that was invented on a cold winter night that I never fail to use on rocket now. If you don't have enough time, only crush one clove of garlic and instead add a tablespoon of oil. This recipe has been tried and tested on friends and family and has had the same reaction...."delicious!"

    Recipe by: asyaj888

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    Ah, honey and balsamic vinegar are two of my favourite ingredients! I'm like Winnie the Pooh, I pretty much eat honey out the jar... so I love making my own salad dressings with honey. You can just put as much of each salad ingredient in as you like - the same goes with the dressing. The best way to get it right is to keep testing it and to add more of what you think it needs for the flavour and consistency that you want.

    Recipe by: LottieRainbow

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    Have you ever tried to make mayonnaise? So many rules to follow! Well, luckily, the electric hand blender was invented and in 30 seconds you can have wonderful mayonnaise!

    Recipe by: Paola

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    This is the way that we have made mayonnaise for years and years in my family, before commercial mayonnaise was sold so cheaply. It's always delicious!

    Recipe by: CYNTHIAPIEDRA

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    Mesclun simply means a mixture of salad leaves, coming from the Provençal word for 'mixture'. It traditionally includes chicory, lamb's lettuce and dandelion leaves, but feel free to use any mix of greens. This is such a simple salad to make - perfect on a hot day and when you want something refreshing. The dressing adds an Asian twist.

    Recipe by: JENNIFER HARMAN

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    This salad has the perfect combination of flavours and textures. Courgette, cucumber, red onion, tomatoes and black olives are tossed in a zesty balsamic vinaigrette. It's the perfect salad with any barbecue.

    Recipe by: DZAHRA

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    Use this recipe for a cheat's garlic aioli as a dipping sauce for fish cakes, or to spread on sandwiches. It's ready in minutes and is full of flavour, and no one will know you've used shop-bought mayo!

    Recipe by: Jeff and Justine

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    This fabulous tasting raspberry vinegar is so easy to make. Use to flavour your favourite recipes, or in vinaigrettes.

    Recipe by: SISSYMAE

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    This dressing tastes great served slightly warm tossed with mixed greens and goat's cheese. Any that's leftover can be refrigerated for up to a week.

    Recipe by: Tonja

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    This homemade mayonnaise is made with tomato purée, mustard and Tabasco®. It is totally delicious and just perfect as part of a sandwich creation or even as a dip.

    Recipe by: jean.isacke

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