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    Find lots of homemade tomato-based pizza sauce recipes to top your favourite pizza base. It always tastes better when you make your own!

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    Delicious pizza dough with tomato base. Add your favourite toppings to this pizza to customise to your taste.

    Recipe by: Beccymoore

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    Homemade pizza can be the most delicious of all, but what really makes a pizza is the sauce! This sauce is wonderfully flavourful and it goes well with all toppings.

    Recipe by: MissAisling

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    A lovely pasta sauce recipe I use. I am half Italian and half Indian so I know all the recipes like the back of my hand. This serves 8 and takes about 50 minutes.

    Recipe by: AuntyEm

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    Welcome to my recipe. If you like ragu try my other recipes. I am sure you will enjoy it. Ideal for pasta dishes.

    Recipe by: RecipeBook

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    A super quick and easy pizza sauce, perfect for a large family sized pizza. Add fresh basil for an extra kick.

    Recipe by: babsi_s

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    This quick and easy tomato sauce is made with fresh tomatoes, yet ready in mere minutes. Mix up the type of herbs you use - other great options are parsley, oregano or basil. Use the sauce for almost anything - from topping pizza to pasta.

    Recipe by: Ambre

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    A basic recipe for foolproof pizza dough and equally easy pizza sauce. The best bit is it makes enough for two pizzas. If you only want one pizza, freeze the other half for another day!

    Recipe by: Siegela

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    A homemade pizza base with a Thai-inspired pizza sauce and spicy topping of chilli-chicken, spring onions, grated carrot and fresh coriander!

    Recipe by: CZARDAS

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    Who doesn't love pizza? Who doesn't love good pizza? Who doesn't love great pizza? Well be prepared you are about to make the ultimate pizza sauce. I've experimented with a few different variations and this is a combination of all of those with some additions of my own. This is the pizza sauce recipe you have been looking for, it's sweet and tasty you literally can not get enough of it. We use it on pizzas and then even use it as a dipping sauce for the pizza crusts. No other pizza sauce recipe will come close. We have used this recipe over and over and it always goes down a treat.

    Recipe by: icouldsnackonthat

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    This versatile recipe gives you a simple tomato-based sauce you can make in bulk in a blender or food processor, freeze in portions, then use any time you want to make pasta, pizza or a tomato-based soup.

    Recipe by: INTELLIBLONDE

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