Dinner party chicken recipes (111)

    Need an easy chicken dish that's sure to impress guests? We have loads of dinner party worthy chicken recipes. Get ahead with a classic Coq au Vin recipe or transport your guests to the Mediterranean with Fig and Lemon Chicken.

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    A divinely simple chicken confit, made with chicken breasts, fresh tomatoes, onion, ham and loads of basil.

    Recipe by: annef

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    This tagine is really easy to do. It is a perfect tagine for beginners! If you do not have a tagine, you can prepare it in a casserole like I do. It will still be delicious. I always taste the tagine and season with salt at the end as the preserved lemons and olives are already well salted.

    Recipe by: Bruno

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    This is not a proper carbonara but its so tasty!!!

    Recipe by: jeanie77

    732 reviews

    This is a great dish for using up autumn apples. Bramley, Golden Delicious or Cox's Pippin apples work well.

    Recipe by: Behr

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    Roasted chicken wings with a sticky, sweet coating. Serve with rice and broccoli as a main, or on its own as a starter or party nibble.

    Recipe by: Sandy

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    Coq au vin
    Coq au vin
    Chicken tagine
    Chicken tagine
    Rosemary lemon roast chicken
    Rosemary lemon roast chicken

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