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Find delicious and quick vegetarian meals, whether you're going meat-free on Mondays or are a lifelong vegetarian. We have tasty recipes for quick vegetarian suppers or elegant mains for a vegetarian dinner party.

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Carrots, turnips, sweet potatoes, courgettes and red pepper are simmered with chickpeas and passata, and flavoured with spices and served with couscous.

Recipe by: CIGALL

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This delicious chickpea and tomato based curry with a blend of fragrant spices is warming and healthy. Serve with a dollop of natural yoghurt, a sprig of coriander and warm naan for a fab vegetarian meal.

Recipe by: KateElinore

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Delicious and creamy, this dish is prepared with fresh and simple ingredients.


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Easy and elegant quesadillas made with fresh asparagus and soft goat cheese. Perfect for easy family meals and fancy enough for guests. Delicious!

Recipe by: Linnea Land

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This is an impressive nibble or starter. A homemade pizza base is topped with sweet caramelised onions, figs and tangy goat cheese. Experiment with different herbs if desired.

Recipe by: ASHLEY_S

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This is a great picnic or summer lunch time recipe that sits fantastically alongside new potatoes and salads. I found this recipe in a newspaper years ago and have since lost the original, but it has now evolved into this mainstay of my summer repertoire.

Recipe by: steenbergs

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This is my mum and dad's recipe, which is an old Indian favourite very popular in West Bengal during monsoon. It is traditionally eaten as warm comfort food on dark rainy days. Very easy to make and goes well with most things, including chips! Although you can make it with white rice, I use brown as it's healthier and suits my dietary requirements. The timing is not exact but it will take however long it takes to cook depending on the type of rice used.

Recipe by: dee_gee

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I discovered this recipe by accident but have been making it ever since for a quick, easy lunch or dinner for one. The tomatoes and spinach soften easily in the microwave and the cheese melts to create a sauce and give the consistency of risotto.

Recipe by: Ita

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You can't fit any more vegetables into this delectable bake. Aubergine, potatoes, green pepper, onion, courgette, green beans, mushrooms and garlic are tossed with fresh herbs, passata and olive oil to make a fab vegetarian main. This feeds a large crowd, but is quite forgiving if you want to decrease the recipe for 4 or 8 people.

Recipe by: Patti Moschonas

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Low-fat baked pasta shells stuffed with a mixture of tofu and spinach, covered in your favourite tomato pasta sauce. A vegetarian and vegan dream!

Recipe by: cookingforvegans

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