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Vegetarian meals

Find delicious and quick vegetarian meals, whether you're going meat-free on Mondays or are a lifelong vegetarian. We have tasty recipes for quick vegetarian suppers or elegant mains for a vegetarian dinner party.

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This tasty sandwich makes a delicious and healthy lunch that's easy to take to work. Also great for picnics!

Recipe by: The Messy Cook

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This is a South Indian vegetarian dish that tastes fantastic with basmati rice or any Indian bread. Urad dal, also called black gram, can be found in Asian markets, but can be left out if you can't find them.

Recipe by: Diana

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You can add any vegetables to this dish that you enjoy or have on hand.

Recipe by: jessica

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A large non-stick frying pan is ideal for sautéeing, the Western equivalent of stir-frying, based on quick cooking over high heat. This is a terrific method for preserving the colour of vegetables while bringing out their flavour to the full. Serve the vegetables with fish, poultry or meat, or toss them with freshly cooked noodles.

Recipe by: Azmina Govindji

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This is a very versatile recipe. You can try it with many different combinations of nuts, seeds and vegetables. For best results, it's worth blitzing the sunflower seeds into a coarse flour in a food processor.

Recipe by: Maryanne

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A vegetarian take on Stroganoff that uses tofu. It's quick, filling and easy to make for any night of the week.

Recipe by: Jeri Roth Lande

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Beetroot is delicious teamed with other vegetables, as in this version of the Russian classic.

Recipe by: Brenda Houghton

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Scrumptious lasagne with basil pesto, spinach and plenty of bubbly cheese.

Recipe by: JAMON0126

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This quinoa dish has winter comfort food written all over it. It's creamy, cheesy and very hearty. Quinoa is tossed with roast tomatoes, Parmesan cheese, evaporated milk and peas. Serve as is or as a side.

Recipe by: Lindsay L.

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This coleslaw is not only vegan-friendly, but also tastes fantastic. Cabbage and peppers are tossed in a Oriental-inspired dressing, made with peanut butter, garlic, rice vinegar, soy sauce, coriander and sesame seeds. It's the perfect summer salad to be enjoyed any time of the year.

Recipe by: Dawn

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