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    We have loads of cake recipes that kids will love - for birthday parties, after school treats and more. Also find easy to make cake recipes that older kids can make themselves.


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    Simple recipe that you can do with kids (I did it with my cousins). Basic sponge bottom with chocolate and sweets on top. For younger kids bake the cakes yourself and then get them to decorate them. For adults put posh chocs on the top!

    Recipe by: Katie

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    This is a perfect cake for celebrations which need to be made ahead of time. It is a stiff cake with a moist texture so perfect for carving for novelty cakes. Wonderful torted with jam and buttercream or just left and covered with marzipan/icing, this cake is so versatile you can pretty much do anything with it! It will never curdle and is so simple even my 3 year old has made it, never fails and always tastes perfect!

    Recipe by: tamarahenry23

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    This is my mum's chocolate sandwich cake recipe which she used to make for all the birthdays in our house. Now I make it for my family! The secret is to add whisked egg whites so the chocolate sponge cake is light. The chocolate buttercream filling and icing for this cake is easy to make and hides a multitude if your chocolate sponge cake doesn't turn out perfectly!

    Recipe by: Ita

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    A lovely cake for any peppa pig fan! I made this for a little boy who was 2 and he totally loved it and clapped in delight when he saw it (I think he thought it was a toy, bless him lol).

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    I used a sphere cake tin to create a cake in the shape of a giant Malteser®. It is quite the crowd pleaser.

    Recipe by: jazzcurzon

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