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From onion chutney to the 'Best cranberry chutney' - find loads of festive chutney recipes to give as gifts and to tide you over during the busy Christmas season. Check out our entire Chutney recipe collection for more ideas.

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This tastes a hundred times better than anything you could buy in the shops. Amazingly it tastes pretty good as soon as it's cooled, but ideally it should be left for at least a month to allow the flavours to develop. We've opened jars after 6 months and they are even better! Ginger makes this quite fiery, you might want to adjust the quantity to suit your own taste. Vegetables can be varied according to personal preference; red peppers and sweetcorn are suggestions.

Recipe by: Tomsmum

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This makes a large batch of sweet and spicy chutney - great for sharing with neighbours and friends at Christmas! Spicy and sweet, this delicious chutney goes well with breads, cheeses and chicken.

Recipe by: cheap chef

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I needed something to go with my cheese and crackers, so i decided to use up my veg !!

Recipe by: SloeWolf

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This onion chutney with sultanas goes well with meats and cheeses. I always make lots of this chutney in the summer to give as Christmas gifts.

Recipe by: Carmencita

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This sweet and spicy chutney combines apples and plums for a delectable addition to roast meats and more.

Recipe by: bethany

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An Indian spiced apple chutney to complement your Christmas dinner, sandwiches, wraps or tarts. Enjoy.

Recipe by: KORasoi

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An excellent mango chutney for pork, turkey or lamb. Mangos are simmered with sultanas, ginger, onion, garlic and lots of spices. Makes plenty, so be prepared with sterilised jars.

Recipe by: Shirley Crowley

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This lovely chutney is not as sweet as the usual cranberry sauce. It benefits from a delicious bite of root ginger, which becomes more pronounced as the chutney rests. Delicious on leftover turkey sandwiches!

Recipe by: foodelicious

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This is a chunky cranberry sauce with apple, sultanas and spices. I suppose it's more like a chutney, but either way it's great with leftover turkey on Boxing Day.

Recipe by: Christine L.

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Combine local apples and pears in this wonderfully aromatic chutney. I love it on sandwiches and with a roast chicken.

Recipe by: Lucy

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