Dinner party beef recipes (123)

    Looking to serve beef at your next dinner party? From an aromatic, crowd-pleasing beef curry to always-elegant fillet steak with peppercorn sauce, find a whole range of easy but impressive beef recipes.

    Top dinner party beef recipes

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    This will satisfy even the most demanding curry addict. Lean and tender sirloin steak is quickly cooked with lots of spices, tomatoes, mushrooms and spinach, with yogurt added to give a luxurious feel. Served with cardamom-spiced rice, it makes a really healthy and nutritious meal.

    Recipe by: Azmina Govindji

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    Over the years, I've come to realise that the best tasting lasagne takes time to make! The ragu requires slow cooking to develop the best flavour, but the end result is worth it. You can also make the ragu with a mixture of pork and beef mince. This usually serves 12 people so it's perfect for a crowd or a couple of midweek dinners.

    Recipe by: margaret_fullington

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    This pie is ABSOLUTELY the best meat pie I have ever had in my life! This recipe was found whilst I was on the train and found that somebody left it on the seat. So I took it. Then I made it. Thank you to who ever left it on the train! Sometimes, I just make the stew and serve with mashed spuds.

    Recipe by: PLACEBO

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    Tender braising steak, baked for 1 1/2 hours in a low oven. Make ahead if desired and re-heat for an even easier supper dish. I have served them with homemade French fries and broccoli.

    Recipe by: Samantha's Supper

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    This gorgeous beef stifado recipe is a traditional Greek casserole with beef and onions - perfect winter comfort food. Serve with lots of crusty bread to mop up the aromatic sauce. It is also typically made with rabbit, so feel free to substitute this if you wish.

    Recipe by: Lolly B

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      Sirloin steak with mushrooms
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      Carne en su jugo (Mexican beef in its juices)
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      Classic Italian lasagne
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      Meat sauce for lasagne
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      One-pan Spanish beef with vegetable puree

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