Low fat pasta recipes

    From a light spinach lasagne to hearty minestrone soup - find plenty of low fat pasta recipes that will keep you full. Be sure to check out our entire Pasta recipe collection for more ideas.

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    This is a lighter version of pasta carbonara. For people who want the flavour but not the bacon, smoked salmon is the perfect substitute!

    Recipe by: DEBNJAMES

    145 reviews

    Layers of rich tomato sauce, tofu and lasagne sheets - a delicious and hearty vegan recipe.

    Recipe by: jessica

    42 reviews

    This is a simple, economical dish that doesn't skimp on flavour.

    Recipe by: Natalie

    41 reviews

    This is an extremely simple pasta recipe that I love to make when I don't really feel like cooking!

    Recipe by: Langu

    39 reviews

    This makes a healthy, colourful and filling lunch, served on top of lettuce.

    Recipe by: Christian Booher

    390 reviews

    An easy, quick recipe that uses fresh ingredients to produce a very flavourful pasta supper.

    Recipe by: Joelene Craver

    36 reviews

    This is a fiery but quick and easy to make pasta dish. For a milder flavour, simply leave out the chillies.

    Recipe by: Donna Barry

    1714 reviews

    Make a weeknight supper special - serve this hearty soup with crusty bread and salad.

    Recipe by: Jamie

    101 reviews

    Homemade noodles transform this everyday soup into something special. Perfect for a cold night. Make the noodles ahead of time so that they can dry before putting them in the soup. You can also make them beforehand and freeze.

    Recipe by: LaDonna

    53 reviews

    The sweetness of barbecued vegetables is balanced by a tart tomato sauce, which mixes perfectly with simple couscous. A lovely light summer meal that is sure to get you to your five a day.

    Recipe by: Christopher O'Hearn

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