Curry side dishes  (90)

Looking for an array of tasty and savoury sides to go with your favourite curry? We have loads of curry side dishes, from naan bread and raita to aromatic dal and veggie accompaniments.

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This authentic Indian naan recipe goes well with Indian curries with a lot of sauce.

Recipe by: Michelle


A healthier alternative to the deep-fried onion bhajis you find in Indian restaurants. These are baked and exceedingly tasty. They are sweet, tender and very moreish. Serve as an appetiser or starter.

Recipe by: honeyandspice


If you're looking for a fluffy and chewy naan bread recipe, this is it. This recipe is quick and easy to make and tastes fantastic alongside any Indian curry.

Recipe by: honeyandspice


I actually learnt this in the kitchen of a seasoned Indian homecook! Traditional fragrant dish with toor dal, ginger, chilli, tomatoes, cumin and garlic.

Recipe by: Pyromommy


Chunks of warm potato tossed with cumin, turmeric and curry powder.


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