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    Find delicious vegan bread recipes that are easy to make and without any butter, dairy or eggs. We have vegan white loaves, seeded loaves, wholemeal bread and more.

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    This recipe is easy and foolproof. It makes a soft and tasty loaf with a flaky crust. Perfect for sandwiches and toasties.

    Recipe by: DIGGETYDOG

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    This easy focaccia is fantastic with a drizzle of olive oil and balsamic vinegar and a little grated Parmesan.

    Recipe by: TVESTA

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    Semolina gives this pizza base more stability and a crispy, chewy texture when cooked.

    Recipe by: Marian Collins

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    This recipe was never written down (that I know of) until my Gran shared it with me when she was in her nineties. It always turns out perfectly for me, so I wanted to share it. It makes 3 loaves, so you might want to freeze one or two of them.

    Recipe by: Marilyn VanDoren Sim

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    This is a variation of my mother's wholemeal bread recipe. She is 75, and still makes bread by hand. I cheat and use a mixer to save time, but either way this bread is easy to make and quite foolproof.

    Recipe by: J. Drury

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    A basic rye bread made in the bread machine. The extra sugar makes for a better rise.

    Recipe by: Kathy Nowell

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    This is a basic Italian bread. Just flour, yeast, sugar, salt and water in the right proportions make this bread a winner. It makes three loaves, so you can freeze some or give them away to your friends.

    Recipe by: Christine Darrock

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    Use your favourite starter and make this basic, easy-to-make loaf in your bread machine. I like to use a natural yoghurt starter.

    Recipe by: Jennifer

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    Use unwashed, organically grown red or purple grapes for this recipe. The white powder found on the skins of the grapes is used as homemade sourdough starter for bread. If you wish, you can switch to plain flour on the fifth day. The starter is fully active and ready to use in nine days.

    Recipe by: Sharon

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    Beer bread is a quick bread - perfect for serving with a rich beefy stew. Feel free to experiment - the taste will vary depending on what type of beer you use.

    Recipe by: Jodi Regan

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