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    Snacking can often get us into trouble if we're watching our weight, but not with these recipes! From low fat muffins to fresh tomato salsa dips - browse through our collection of sweet and savoury low fat snacks.

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    I make this houmous all the time. It only takes a few minutes to prepare, and it's healthier than shop-bought without the oil. Increase or decrease the ingredients as desired, especially the chillies! Serve with tortilla crisps, pitta triangles or fresh vegetables. Add more of the reserved chickpea liquid for a smoother dip.

    Recipe by: ELOVINGS

    131 reviews

    These flapjacks are lower in fat than most.

    Recipe by: Arlene

    79 reviews

    This is an excellent recipe where no butter, oil or any type of fat is added - it's virtually fat free. It is not to dry and not too moist. They also taste excellent! The icing is optional but if you want them to be a little sweet - spread icing on top!!

    Recipe by: Hypnotic

    169 reviews

    This recipe has been created with the idea of lowering the fat content. These are so delicious - you'll never miss the fat, and chocolate still makes an appearance!

    Recipe by: ANGCHICK

    84 reviews

    A low-fat banana bread flavoured with chai. Chai is a spicy Indian tea, available in most any supermarket.

    Recipe by: GODGIFU

    62 reviews

    These yoghurt pots are healthy and delicious. They make an easy breakfast or snack on the go, or can be artfully presented for a light summer pud. Enjoy using the freshest summer berries.

    Recipe by: Josie59

    4 reviews

    Soft, chewy flapjacks, packed with oats, sunflower seeds and sweet fruit to make a tasty and guilt free snack.

    Recipe by: ShmophieBum

    36 reviews

    Tinned pears produce the best results. Lemon or orange zest may also be added for a citrus twist.

    Recipe by: MARBALET

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    These fruited scones have a little cinnamon and nutmeg added, to give them a little oomph. They are also made with 50% wholemeal flour. Be sure to handle the dough as little as possible, to ensure a light and fluffy scone.

    Recipe by: Carol

    31 reviews

    A dip low in fat and calories, but with loads of flavour. Let the dip chill so the consistency thickens and the beans have time to meld with the spices. If you can't find tinned black beans, use dried or a tin of refried beans instead.

    Recipe by: dramstad

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