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Diabetic Christmas cake recipes

Find delicious diabetic Christmas cake recipes, because just because you're diabetic doesn't mean you should miss out on having some Christmas cake!

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Most rich fruit cakes are high in fat and added sugar, but this one is an exception. It's relatively low in fat, and depends mainly on dried fruits soaked in apple juice for natural sweetness. Decorated with nuts, and glacé and crystallised fruits, it makes a healthy cake that would be festive enough for Christmas.

Recipe by: Azmina Govindji

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Wholemeal flour, walnuts and naturally sweet dried fruit make this sugar-free, dairy-free and egg-free cake a perfect alternative for diabetics during Christmas.

Recipe by: Edward

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This sugar-free pound cake is perfect anytime of year, but makes an exceptional diabetic cake for special occasions like Christmas and birthdays. Buttermilk and bananas give it a moist crumb, while sultanas and walnuts add texture.

Recipe by: Sara Fleming

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Brilliant chef Antony Worrall Thompson has donated to TREE AID a diabetic friendly tree cake. Antony: "Villagers in Africa know all about foraging for food for free in their woodlands. Using the most nutritious of these foods could go a long way to reversing malnutrition. I want people to have fun cooking my tree cake and finding out about TREE AID’s work to help villagers grow important food trees."

Recipe by: treeaid

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A classic fruit cake, but without the butter or eggs! Plenty of mixed fruit and mixed spice, with a hint of coffee, make this a perfect Christmas cake for diabetics or those with food allergies.

Recipe by: JohnnyD

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The whole family will enjoy this Christmas cake and won't even know it's gluten free. Packed with all the traditional fruit and spices, it's both gluten free and dairy free.

Recipe by: Rose

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Using unsweetened apple sauce gives this Christmas cake moisture and a natural sweetness. A wonderful treat for diabetics, garnish this naturally sweetened cake with desiccated coconut and toasted chopped walnuts instead of icing.

Recipe by: vegmonster

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Pumpkin puree is the secret to this moist and flavourful Christmas cake. No added sugar, only fruit and fruit juices, make this cake perfect for diabetics.

Recipe by: Tim W.

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Prune cake is a smart alternative to traditional Christmas cakes for diabetics. Prunes add natural sweetness to this Christmas cake without added sugar.

Recipe by: bakingmaster

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A great diabetic alternative to the traditional Christmas cake, this version has fat-free yoghurt, fresh cranberries and orange zest.

Recipe by: DiabeticGranny

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