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    Find festive Halloween drink recipes for ghostly punch, pumpkin milk shakes, warm cider drinks and lots more. Don't forget to check out our entire Halloween recipe collection for hundreds of fun ideas.

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    This hot punch is great for a Halloween party or Bonfire Night. The aroma tells you that autumn is in the air.

    Recipe by: Michele O'Sullivan

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    Nothing beats a mug of this on a cold autumn day. A nice alternative to mulled wine.

    Recipe by: Stella

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    A must every Halloween - this recipe is great fun! A fake hand is frozen in a rubber glove and then presented in a bucket or glass punch bowl. Dress the hand up with a few Halloween gimmicks like spiders.

    Recipe by: MOMMYGABS

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    Delicious! As it is with any Halloween punch, a frozen 'hand' adds just the right spooky touch! The combined colours make a delightfully scary look!

    Recipe by: mumofsix

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    A fun way to serve punch on Halloween. A frozen ice hand is made by freezing a disposable glove with water, which is served with a grape, orange and ginger flavoured punch.

    Recipe by: Kathleen

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    This is a fun Halloween punch to serve at kids parties.

    Recipe by: mumofsix

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    A great autumn treat for kids and adults alike, and a brilliant way to get kids to eat some veg.

    Recipe by: Diana

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    A deliciously creamy milk shake that's quick and easy to make. Pumpkin puree is blended together with with ice cream, milk and spices, then topped with whipped cream. It's so good, you could serve it as a dessert!

    Recipe by: Lalena

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    If you love your coffee drinks milky, this one will not dissapoint. It's creamy, packed full of flavour and quick and easy to make. Milk is frothed with sugar, vanilla and spices, then stirred with coffee and topped with whipped cream. The perfect drink or dessert.

    Recipe by: Zippy

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    This punch is highly fruit and very green! Lime tablet jelly is dissolved, then blended with pineapple juice, orange juice, caster sugar, water and ginger ale. It's perfect for Halloween.

    Recipe by: Alena

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