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    Have loads of fun with our recipes for boiled sweets. We have recipes for lollipops and more, so you can start your own sweet factory! Be sure to check out our entire Sweets collection for more ideas.

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    This is a toffee I remember my mother making for birthday parties and school fetes. Its a jaw sticking long lasting toffee that you can suck on for hours.

    Recipe by: Tammie

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    Homemade lollipops are a great gift idea! Use different colours and flavourings to match the season. This recipe gives instructions for making either lollies or boiled sweets.

    Recipe by: YVETTE MOORE

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    This recipe for Butterscotch drops produces a hard sweet that has the classic butterscotch taste. If you don't want to make it into drops, you can pour it into a greased 23x23cm pan and break it into small pieces once it is set.

    Recipe by: LittleAngell46

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    Butterscotch chews are made with brown sugar and butter to produce a rich, chewy sweet that has the classic taste of butterscotch with a firm caramel texture. I like to cover these with a coating of dark chocolate, but you can omit this step if you desire.

    Recipe by: LittleAngell46

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    A great recipe for boiled sweets. You need a sugar thermometer and a lot of patience to make these delicious sweets. The recipe is pretty versatile, so play around with different flavourings of your choice.

    Recipe by: JUDITH SYNESAEL

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    Fruit leather is expensive to buy, but cheap and fun to make. Strawberry my my preferred fruit for it.

    Recipe by: atieppo

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    This quick and easy brittle is addictive and makes a great food gift, too.

    Recipe by: hirtamadl

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    This came from a Victorian book for young ladies. It is heavenly, and so easy! It is supposed to be cooked to hard-ball - as opposed to soft-crack - which makes it pretty dense and praliney; you could of course cook it longer . . . if your brain is made of barmy bilge.

    Recipe by: ReeveofKnoxshire

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    Delicious crunchy treats, perfect for a children’s party.

    Recipe by: Biddy56

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